Install Telegram App

Telegram is one of the many instant messaging apps in the market, but what makes Telegram App different from others? Well, probably the most important feature is the end to end encryption, which allows you to send and receive message that no other party could read (unless they actually pick up your device or the one receiving), not even government or hackers.

What makes Telegram App different

A few things could be mentioned, but there are three main things that we will describe in this articles

  1. Security and privacy measures: Telegram has a “Secret Message” feature, which encrypts the messages with the protocol MTProto, which was developed by the creators of Telegram. This End to end encryption has become increasingly popular, since people are more concerned about privacy on their internet activity, Whatsapp, one of the most prominent competitor, started using it in April. The end-to-end encryption let’s you send and receive messages that no other party could access, no hackers, no governments, in fact, that sparked controversy when ISIS was recommending its use to their supporters and members.
  1. File transfer: Usually, instant messaging services are picky about what file types can they transfer, some only limit themselves to pictures, videos and other media files, but Telegram let’s you transfer any kind of files up to 1.5gb, which is pretty nice.
  1. Available to all major platforms: There’s a lot of instant messaging services that are only available to mobile devices, and others are available to desktop OS, like Windows or MAC, but their mobile ports are buggy or simply slow. Telegram is fast in all its available presentations: Android, iOS, Windows phone, Windows, MAC, Linux and even a web based version that you can access from your web browser.

How to install App telegram 

Is depends on the operating system you are using, but if you are not sure how to install it on your device, you can always go to the official website where you can select your system and it will redirect you to the download page.

You will need to have a working mobile phone in order to open and verify you telegram account, it will ask you input your mobile number and send you a text message or call with a code that you will have to introduce in order to activate your account.

Once you do that, you are ready to start using that multiple features that Telegram has in store for you.


Download Telegram for Android

Download Telegram for Android

They messaging applications are one of the most comprehensive you’ll find is that if yours is wanting to communicate, send and receive files between other things, because then you can not stop taking into account that we have one of the best applications so that you can communicate with your friends. Yes, we are talking about download Telegram for Android and then do this, what you are looking for is that you find one of the best applications so you continue communicating. So why is that if you have a Smartphone with Android, it’s time that you communicate directly with your mobile device and have excellent communication.

Download Telegram for Android free

Download Telegram for Android

Download Telegram for Android

There are two forms of that can communicate you directly with this application, where have that take in has that directly from Telegram Messenger and after do this, what you must do is that for communicate you with your friends, not fit doubt that this application is an of them more complete that go to find. You must consider that for the Android version, is one of the most complete found and in this case, what you need to do is look directly in Google Play.

Recalls that need take in account that within this version official, is precise that verify that this application is immediate. Since the version of Android 2.3 and later versions is how you can update this version. One point to make is that, if you want to connect quickly, what we need to do that you can connect directly from the option to Play Store.

After you do this the Telegram Messenger option will appear and it is here, where you have to enter your user and password data. Another point to note is that the most important thing is that you find as connect, download and then install this version that appeared for our device.

The weight of this application is approximately 29 MB, although much will depend on the device you have directly from this version. Once you do this, it will be very important for you to analyze downloaded this application so that you don’t see this option, it will be one of the most comprehensive you can find. After doing this, you will have to wait to run and pass through the creation of your user, becoming one of the best options to communicate now.

Download Telegram Messenger APK

This can download you directly from your Smartphone Android, then do this, what you have to do is find a portal, where you can get the file of Telegram APK, this is ideal for those who have an unofficial version of Android. By that, not can leave of take in has that directly of your browser mobile or connecting your device to the computer, is as is will have to download this file.

It will send directly to your device for later run the file and with this, we open an application to install directly this application by means of Telegram APK and then can create your profile.


Download Telegram iPhone

Download Telegram for iPhone

It’s time to talk about one of the most important messaging applications in recent years, Yes, we are talking about Telegram as you know is one of the most used and of course stable that you can find. So today we decided to speak with regard to how to use it from your iPhone. Believe it or not, not all users know how to do it and this is actually too fast. So now, you’re going to learn all about download telegram for iPhone and then you can use it with all the contacts who already have your profile or who want to know all the experience of this excellent application.

Download telegram for iPhone free

Download & Install Telegram

Download & Install Telegram

In this case you have to take into account that you need a stable internet connection to be able to do this, the simplest is that you do it directly from the App Store, because believe it or not you can to download it, from one perspective more than ideal so that it becomes a very complete tool. Regardless of the version of IOS you have, as you will have to take into account that we are always with another type of option to keep you connected and after doing this will look as follows.

Although it may appear as a Telegram, in case you have to take into account that Telegram Messenger is a complete application that you can download in seconds. Now, take into account that directly from the version on your iPhone, this is how you’ll end up by downloading this alternative. Another point to point is directly at this store, it is as you will continue with the download.

Look for the following: Telegram and once get us the information, you will need to have at least 39 MB free storage to be able to install this application. You have to take into account that after you do this, it is how you will find one application rather than complete so you keep performing the installation directly by pressing the button of product”. After doing this, this is how you have to enter your data so that you keep making the way to be able to install it in a matter of minutes.

Download Telegram to iPhone from PC


In the event that you have a PC or MAC, we can do this without any problems and it is necessary to mention that we we have some full options that help you make the most everything about what makes this application. Telegram for iPhone just by connecting it to your USB device, what you should do is connect you directly to the application and after you do this, what you need to do will be run directly on the iPhone.

After connect you is how you can run and install the application, what makes it become an application complete so you have in mind. Connect iPhone to PC, it is important that you have linked your account IOS so then do this, what you need to do, is you’ll have serious benefits so you keep downloading and running directly on your device.


Telegram Windows Phone

Telegram Windows Phone

Telegram continues to be one of the best applications of the market with regards to messaging, so now, you have to know very well about the benefits of this app and now, it is time to know more about what a very complete application and which will allow us to be connected. Do you have a Windows Phone?, then you have to take into account that many applications that we find in other applications that are very complete for Android as IOS. Then this, it is time that know more about Telegram Windows Phone, since many users that have this device, probably will remain coenctados by means of this application.

Download Telegram Windows Phone free

Telegram Windows Phone

Telegram Windows Phone

Today’s telegram is an application that has a perspective that is too full and you have to take into account that within Windows Store, we found a number of important benefits for you with this messaging app, you follow connected @. The truth is that it is one of the most stable versions that you can find and subsequently this, is that you’ll find a number of changes with respect to connectivity that tells us this application. If you want to communicate, it is time that you have in mind that you need a series of requirements before installing it in your mobile device.

What do I need to install Telegram Windows Phone?

You have to take into account that this application is compatible with 3 versions of this operating system: Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows mobile 10 so then that, is you’re going to find a great way to know connect directly into this phone. Another point to point is that Telegram is too full and envelope application here, you have to find a way to tell with a x 86, x 64 and an ARM.

In this version, we find how to create GIFS, share files, images or videos so then of this, is that you find one perspective more than ideal to keep you connected with those people who appreciate or also have the need to communicate with them.

Download Telegram Windows Phone

In this case you can do it directly from the shop Windows so then this, it is that you can perform the installation. Can be added directly from Windows Phone in the store or better known as Windows Store. So it can not be taken into account that you can connect and then this, is you’re going to stay to connect.

After doing this I want to tell you that Telegram Windows Phone so then of this, only pressures the button download and after that, press the install button to keep the installation process running smoothly. Already having everything ready, just be you wait a few minutes to complete installation and registering your Instagram account, this will only take a few minutes.